Fleet Card FAQ

What is a fleet card, and how will it help my business?

Fleet cards are a better way to manage fuel and maintenance expenses for your business vehicles.

If “getting the job done” means you have vehicles on the road, fuel can easily be one of your largest expenses. But fuel prices are unpredictable, rising and falling due to factors out of your control. A fleet card helps give you consistent savings beyond pennies at the pump—a valuable edge for any business.

Fleet cards help you save time and money by letting you put guardrails around employee spending, identify potential fraud or misuse, automatically track your purchases online, access detailed reports, and more.

Are fleet cards only for large companies with a lot of vehicles?

No. A “fleet” can be a single car used by a sole proprietorship, or thousands of different vehicles deployed by a large corporation. That’s why WEX offers cards for both smaller businesses and large fleets.

How is a fleet card better than cash or a company credit card?

WEX cards offer plenty of advantages over cash or credit cards. Cash is easily lost or stolen, and you have little actual control over how much can be spent at one time, or at what locations. Credit cards give you basic info like location and purchase amount, which doesn’t provide much insight into your spending. Also, credit cards are usually swipe-and-go, and don’t require verification before use. It may take a while before you know if something is wrong.

More than either option, WEX cards eliminate the busywork and hassle of managing your fuel spend:

  • Entering Driver IDs at the pump acts like a security checkpoint, preventing the use of lost or stolen cards.
  • Automatic online accounting means you can stop chasing down receipts.
  • Easy-access reports let you know who spends what, where and when.
  • Get detailed info for every transaction, including location, price per gallon, fuel grade, and more.
  • And if you ever need help, our customer service team is ready, 24/7.